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Kerry and John


John and I are college sweethearts. From the beginning of our relationship we have sought to do God's will. The very first things we did together were ministry. We did lots of missions trips to Baja California in college and that continued in the early years of our marriage.  We felt called by God to go full time into missions and we did serve for about 3 years in Costa Rica and Guatemala.  While it was a life-challenging time, it also grew us up.  We had a lot to learn!  We are both so glad we went and were surprised when God wanted us to come back to the States.  We can see the wisdom now, but at the time it really hurt because we loved being in full time missions.


Our son, Andrew was born in Guatemala, and right after he was born we came back. Upon coming back, John re-entered in his profession - consulting.   He has been in this field now for over 25 years and he really does enjoy it, and has learned and grown so much in this field.. 


That job moved us out of the city into the country. We live on a small farm and John is able to "commute" to work using back country roads. He loves it. God has used John's knowledge of storm water in some mighty ways.  It has been a delight to watch God work in his career.  He has been a manager of his office, WGR Southwest, for 20 years and John enjoys mentoring the other employees not only in storm water but also in the things of God. While it is a secular job, John has purposed to have his job and office glorify God in the workplace. 


God has used this in many ways and watching others who come to the office is fun. People see a different atmosphere, a workplace where each staff member is striving to serve God and others.  If you were to ask John what a highlight is about his job he would probably say - working with his family.


 Our family motto is "We serve and worship together" so this is played out even in the work arena.  But, John's true passion is marrying both his job and God's Word. He loves faith and science.  He loves Genesis 1-11 and the Creation account.  His love for creation has taken us on some pretty neat field trips and we have all become very passionate about the Truth of God's Word.  John does regular teaching in Faith and Science and has had many discussions with people in and out of the church on this favorite subject of his.


Our greatest enjoyment as a family is ministering together at church in music, (ie singing in the choir, or Andrew playing in the worship band) camping, road trips, kayaking, being outdoors, working on our farm, cross-country trips with our truck and trailer and telling others about Jesus.


and Her Family

I love Jesus. Secondly, I love my family.  I love spending time with my family. It has been such a privilege and an honor to be a stay-at-home "Marmee" (that is what my kids call me) and  to homeschool our children.  From my very first day, with Andrew in a full length leg cast and a very captive audience at age 5 to current, our school has rocked!!!  God has led us on the best roller coaster ride EVER!  Our little farm has been the best scientific experiment.  And, we spent a total of 20 years homeschooling and graduated three Senior Class Presidents, three top of their graduating class students, three amazing children full of wisdom, full of promise.


While I did enjoy schooling while I was involved in it for those 20 years, I also enjoy everything about being a homemaker. From cooking to cleaning to even laundry, I enjoy the process.  I'm one of those that likes to hang clothes on the line because it is relaxing for me.  I'm the one who likes to make stuff from scratch, sew clothes, crochet, knit, can, freeze, and generally take care of the produce off the land.  We all do the canning now and it is such fun to put up our summer bounty. We have made homemade sausage, dehydrated veggies and even ransacked our hives to get the best honey around.


Since my Celiac diagnosis in 2006 we have  lived gluten free.  I am such a generous mom that I graciously shared Celiac with all three children and John eats gf by choice - either that or he would starve at home.  No really, he chose to support us by eating gf.  So, we have the 'free' cooking down.  I, and Abbey, have many other food intolerances so we have gotten quite good at making whatever we have a hankering for.  


Going out to eat is a rarity - and John loves this because our budget stays healthy.  Not to mention our bodies.  I have a lot of "NO'S" in my life, so there has to be some yes's. Having just added chocolate back into my life after a nine year hiatus, well enough said about that yes!  I love reading books, books and books.  Praying and talking with God is a very big part of my life.   I love reading  and studying God's Word as well.


I had  been asked to teach at a Women's Bible Study at our church for about 4 years ago with my dear friend who administrates the study. What an awesome privilege. I take James 3:1 very seriously. To share what God has been teaching me is a highlight for me.  Have things changed since 11-26-13?  Yes.  A lot.  My family now does more than ever.  You can find us fighting over who gets to do the shopping for the week. I was only able to do a minimal amount of housecleaning for over 5 1/2 years, so each one of the family got very good at cleaning!  God is gracious and He has shown us what He wants.  I am soooooo very thankful for the loving  service of my family.  My motto is "Family".

Kerry Teravskis and Family

Rebekah, Andrew and Abigail

Our three children are a delight.  Andrew is a homeschool and college graduate.  When he was in his teens, he felt called by God to go into Christian filmmaking. NOT Hollywood (Praise God), but making films that honor and glorify God.  He has the desire to make feature-length films, but at this point God is using him mightily working with John and using his gifts there.  As well as starting his own companies 2A Entertainment and Noble Story Co. to tell the stories that they feel God wants them to tell through the medium of film.   Andrew really is able to capture things on film.  We are amazed at what he is able to do with a camera and technology, as well as sniffing out a good story.  He is also very gifted using his hands - whether it be piano, guitar, woodworking, painting or at the other end of a shovel, he is willing to try anything.  Andrew has a name around here - "The Prince of the Palace."  His biggest passion is loving, worshiping and serving Jesus. Andrew is an amazing big brother.

Rebekah graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College, as did her big brother. She too is an homeschool graduate. Her passion is the Lord and His Word and she is a woman of wisdom.  Her art skills, more specifically watercolor, are a great source of delight for herself, us, as well as her many customers that she paints for.  Rebekah loves helping.  She finds great delight in serving her Father in heaven as well as her daddy here on earth. When not painting, cooking,  or drinking coffee,  she is the caterer at the office.  Her famous "Hot Lunch Mondays" have the guys salivating on a routine basis.  She also helps John with the many training events that are held throughout the year.  Rebekah really loves music.  She too plays the piano and the guitar.  Her grandmother taught her to play the harp, and she loves sharing that with her grandmama.  She is a major help around the house and farm with her creativity and it shows around our home.  Rebekah's motto is "Why eat if you can't have bacon!"

Abigail is our youngest.  And she loves being the youngest.  She was our last student in our homeschool, graduating in May 2017. She is currently attending Calvary Chapel Bible College and loves studying God's Word at this level. Like her siblings, she loves Jesus with all her heart, and sharing His love with others. All three children have a passion to tell others about the greatest news ever - Jesus!  Abbey is a fun loving young woman and a joy to be around! Her artwork is amazing and she spends time painting in acrylics as well as watercolor.  Her passion is anything French, and she regards Paris as her second home. She enjoys being at this home and helping with anything, including our animals - horse, sheep, chickens, geese, dogs and cats.  She also plays the piano and the harp.  Her piano teacher is her own brother.  Listening in on their lessons is hilarious. I don't think many students can kid around with their piano teacher like Abbey can.  God has given her a gift for art.  She shares this passion with her grandmama as well as a cousin, and her sister.  That's why our trip to London and Paris in October 2019 was so special.  It is fun to hear them talking together about their latest projects.  She too works at the office with her daddy and will do whatever is needed.  Andrew uses her too as a camera operator, animal wrangler, or set dec.  We have great fun together on Andrew's shoots.  It is a joy to watch Abbey grow and mature right in front of our very eyes.  Her motto is "When all is said and done, at least we still have cake!"  This is so true that she makes cupcakes on a regular basis.  We are not lacking for sweets over here.  Or bread, or the latest efforts from her baking efforts.  She has really figured out how to bake with our multiple food allergies!

My Story...

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mommy and friend.  Most importantly I am a child of the Most High God.  I love family and I love my family.  I love spending time with those that I love.  T-I-M-E is how I spell love.  I have had a very special life.  Oh, it has been filled to the utmost with amazing things and it has had its share in the hard times.  But, through it all God is real.  I truly can say that I know my Redeemer lives.  How can I say that so emphatically?  Because I see the change in me.  I am a sinner saved by grace.  I know that full well.  But I also know that Jesus, my Saviour, loves me with an everlasting love.  And I want to serve Him and glorify My Sovereign Yahweh with everything I have.


So, what does that look like with an affliction?  That is what I call these past 27 months.  An affliction.  I really have a hard time with the words chronic pain.  I cringe when I hear them.  Those words used to apply to someone else.  Now they apply to me.  I had a "routine" cholecystectomy in November 2013.  It was anything but routine for me.  It has been all these months and I am still in post-op recovery.  I have done every test, been to 2 teaching hospitals and have heard "I don't know what's wrong with you" way to many times.  I have tried physical therapy and Chiropractic care.  All to no avail.  I have chosen to not take any pain medication because I feel that God has wanted me to go this route.  Believe me, it would be so much easier to take medication.  But, God has wanted me to feel every pain that I have had.  I am no martyr.  I do not like pain.  When I have a headache I take Advil.  A cold, make way for me to the NyQuil aisle. I do not intentionally choose to be in pain.  But, about 3-4 months into this affliction I clearly heard from God that this was His doing and He wanted me to say no to drugs.  He wanted me to be completely under His control.  So, in obedience to God, I say no to drugs.  Believe me when I say my doctor does not understand me, nor does any other doctor, when I tell them no.  This is a very narrow road, I understand that.  I was talking with a friend the other day and I made a comment about this road that I am on.  Jesus does say "But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life" (Matthew 7:14). Well, as we were  talking I realized my road has the width of a thread.  Pretty narrow.  But you know what?  I am grateful for this narrow road.  Because it is here that I have met my Jesus in a very real way.


Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey Your Word.  Psalm 119:67


To know me is to know that I LOVE to study God's Word, the Bible.  I have an ever-increasing hunger for God's Word.  I find so much pleasure in reading and studying the very words of my Father.  


It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn Your decrees.  Psalm 119:71


I have this verse marked with the date January 8, 2015.  It was then I could honestly say as the Psalmist did.  It is good.  I am learning His decrees, His very words of life for me, but also for mankind.


You are good, and what You do is good; teach me Your decrees. Psalm 119:68


I was able to mark this in my Bible one year later, January 8, 2016. Yes, God is good and what He does is good.  Always.

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