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Dream Big.jpg
H Taylor Growth of a Soul.jpg

A good read to be reminded of your calling.

One of two in the series.  He was an amazing man of God.

I was challenged and inspired for growth in my walk with God.

Suffer Strong.jpg

All I can really say is, "WOW!"

Bonhoeffer Bio.jpg

I have always been drawn to his writings and life.  What an incredible life.

Bob Sorge.jpg

One of the first books given to me when I started this journey of suffering.

Project Pearl Book.jpg

This huge step of faith was incredible.  I loved every minute of this book.  Seeing God's faithfulness.

The Hiding Place.jpg

A true classic.  Corrie and her family suffered graciously and with love.

Corrie ten Boom Devotional.webp

My current (2020) nightly devotional.  I love it.

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