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GLORY...I love thinking about that word. In fact it has been a theme for me this year. I love to ask God to show me His glory. Pretty brazen, I know. But Moses did it and he didn't get zapped, so I figure I can too. Why do I want God to show me His glory? I'm glad you asked. Well, I believe it is one of the things that God does best. His glory and majesty are evident in creation. In mankind, animals, flowers, the waves of the ocean, the ripple of a river, the wildflower in a vast wood, and even in the song of a mockingbird. God did not have to makes things beautiful and glorious, but He did. He did not have to use so much color, so much sound and so much aroma. But He did. To show His glory. I believe He shows His glory most in His relationship with mankind. Think of the covenant with Abram, His leading of the Israelites and His crowning glory - Jesus as a babe in the manger. All of creation was for a relationship. Think about it. God wants to be with us. At times I am completely overwhelmed with that thought. I have to pause, pray and praise Him. But how does this relate to me in my suffering? A lot. My enemy screams at me night and day that I am alone and forgotten, but creation and the Bible tell me otherwise. I would not call it screaming, because that is so base, but they do get my attention, nonetheless. God calls out to us because He wants us to lift our eyes heavenward. He wants us to lead our hearts and minds to thinking on Him. And I believe it is a good plan. A very good plan. On December 31, 2015 our family sat down and did a little project. We asked God to show us His glory in three areas: our personal walk with Him, in our family, and outside our family. We wrote them down and we prayed. It has hung in our house all year.

What is amazing is how He has answered this. I can say that all five of us have grown in our walks with God. I can say that God has answered so many prayers all throughout the year. Daily ones, little ones, significant ones. God has moved mountains for the Teravskis family. He really has. Have I been healed? No. But, we were doing our special Thanksgiving In A Box (made by Family Life Today) the other day and we were remembering all that I have been able to to this year, in spite of an injury. I was able to help on some pretty big film projects with my son, I went to Disneyland for 3 days. John and I went to Hawaii. We went to the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyons. We went to Orange County for about 5 days in late summer and had a blast with family. I have gone kayaking whenever we went out. So, while it may not be the healing that we were looking for, I have been given so much more. The ability to show God's love, compassion, and yes, glory in the midst of suffering. Our family is now in our church choir. Oh, it has been such fun to sing together. Well, the guys are singing tenor and my girls are singing second soprano while I warble away on my own in the alto section. But, I love being able to look across the sea of the choir and see my peeps. Anyway, we were practicing a song called "Gloria" and it was this song that got me to thinking about this post. Do I look for God's glory only at Christmastime when it is obvious and oft sung about, or am I looking for and giving God glory all throughout the year?

"Glory to God" is a phrase we toss around so much. I would like to be more intentional about giving God glory. And then taking the time to wait, anticipate and see His glory. Yesterday I was outside in the brisk afternoon. The sunsets have been spectacular of late, with last night being one of them. I was quoting to God, The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands - Psalm 19:1. As I was looking at the proclamation of glory in the skies, it got me to thinking. The skies proclaim glory - can I proclaim glory? Yes, the answer is YES. In my desire in asking God to show me His glory, am I willing to sacrifice an offering of praise? Am I willing, able, ready and going to give Him glory, even when by the world's standard, I should be bitter and angry? I believe that by leading my heart to give thanks and glory to God, God gets more glory. Because it shows that He is worthy through it all. Matthew 5:16 states it so beautifully - Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. So not only am I praising God, others will praise Him too. It is a win-win situation. What is the take away from all this? Well, I can see that by asking God to show me His glory, I in turn, have been choosing to give Him more glory. And I feel His pleasure on me all the more. He basks in our worship, and I bask in the Presence of the Most Holy God. I really don't think it can get better than that. It really is heaven on earth. It is Immanuel.

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