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I love storms. Now, growing up in Southern California, I did not get my share of really fierce storms, but up here in Northern California, I am getting more. And I love them. I love to see the power of our Mighty God. I love to hear the hollowing of the wind, see the strike of lightening and smell the earth drink in the rain/sleet/snow.

Fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks,

they dropped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight.

Acts 27:29

I AM IN A STORM. I just finished a study on the book of Acts. And when I got to this verse, my eyes were opened. I may not be in a boat on real water, nonetheless I am in a storm. It was a moment with the Holy Spirit when I realized this. It was as if He had been waiting for me to catch on, and was there for me to dialogue about it. I did just that. It was not a whining moment, but more of a time of reflection. “So, this is what You are up to?” I asked. “Yes, my child. It is.” He replied. “Is this why I have such an incredible amount of peace in the midst of the storm?” I asked. “Yes. I am in it, have allowed it and I am directing it.” He lovingly responded. “Then I’m OK with that. Because I love You and trust you. I really do and I really mean it.” I said with my whole heart. “I love you too, my precious daughter. Drop anchor and wait this out. Pray for My Light to shine in this. It will.” He whispered as He held me close to His Heart.

I had that conversation about 6 days ago. Already God has had me share that verse quite a few times. Such a different verse to comfort one another, yet it has been rich. Paul was on his way to Rome. He had walked this earth, planted churches, wrote letters, discipled many, prayed unceasingly, endured much suffering and now he is in the middle of a raging storm on the way to Rome because he appealed to Caesar. I laid in bed at night wondering why he appealed. I like to analyze my studies as I drift off at night. I did not really get very far with this one and I chewed on it for a couple of days. Other than, Paul listened to God, God is Sovereign and a witness needed to be in Rome. The gospel had not gotten there yet. And Paul lived there two years in a rented home. Think about all the times he could share the gospel!! Multiple times over. And then he wrote letters while he was there. He was not on the move so he had the time to write.

I just had a thought. I am not able to move very much. Is that what God wants me to do? Write?

He was not able to leave Rome, so he spent his time living life with those around him, and I can imagine that he had plenty of company. Just think about the guard that was with him ALL THE TIME. He heard the story over and over again. And again. I am sure this guard, or even maybe guards, had a lot to think about. How could a man be joyful in chains? How could he share that joy in chains? Could you imagine being able to sit and eat with Paul and just listen to him tell of Jesus? I would have gone. I would have dragged anyone who would have gone with me. And I would have learned how to just be real before the Father and live life sold out for Him.

But wait. I am sitting with him, every time I open the New Testament.

Then the LORD (or YAHWEH, the way I like to read it)

answered Job out of the storm.

Job 38:1

As I was preparing this post, I stumbled on this verse. I was thinking about boats and storms and here we have YAHWEH speaking OUT OF THE STORM. Job was in the very middle of the worst imaginable. Even his friends (whom I call “Boys From the Hood”), were not doing a very good job of comforting. Quite the opposite, really, along with feeding him a bunch of lies. Job was enduring so much and we find him enduring yet something else…a storm. A fierce storm. Oh, but the difference?? God spoke to him. Job had no doubt been in many storms. He had lived a long time. He had been there done that. But this. This was different. And that is what makes me sit up a listen. This verse is for me. YAHWEH, my Precious Saviour, is telling me that He is speaking to me in the storm. What is He saying?

“You are loved.”

“You are very, very special.”

“You are choosing well.”

“The victory is won.”

“I see you and have not forgotten you.”

“Stay close to Me. Always. Never, ever let Me go.”

“I AM here.”

As I wrote out these words, my eyes are filled with tears and my heart is singing. This is not rehearsed, nor was it even planned. It is hot off my heart. My heart is singing a new song. I have a peace and joy that I never had before. He put this in my heart because I am not capable. Wow. My God is an amazing God. He is real. He is True. He is Faithful. He is Trustworthy.

And I love Him.

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