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To whom be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36

What is it about suffering that causes it to be about pain and agony? Maybe the pain and agony? Maybe fact that because it is happening with our own physical body, we cannot escape? Or maybe be it is tangible, in the here and now, it demands the immediate and most attention?

Suffering is not easy. Not for the faint of heart and definitely not something you want to sign up for. It tries everything, causes one to question and doubt, puts your life on hold.

Unless, we seek to glorify God in, through and with it.

God is Sovereign and He allows suffering to come into our lives – everything has to filter through His loving hand. That being the case, He is well aware of the situation. He is not shocked by our suffering, our sleepless nights. He is more than tuned into our pain.

The choice is up to us – those of us who suffer. Are we going to glorify God in the midst of suffering or choose to look at self, circumstances, pain, delayed dreams, or life changes?

I’ll admit it is very hard to be forced to stay in a hospital bed for what seems like forever. Or to be confined to a chair for years. Or be tethered to an oxygen tank for life. No one intentionally signs up for these things. And yet, we live in a broken world and stuff happens.

It is how we respond to the situation, trauma, suffering, that matters. And it’s how we keep responding. Initially we tend to have shock, and with that numbness we are able to soldier on for a while. But after a time, we are so over it, but when in reality we may not be – over it.

Having been in my room, in a chair, for almost over two and a half years – I get it. Oh, I do get out - but it’s to a minimal walking place, usually someone else drives, or I decline invitations, events, and outings. My life is centered around my room.

I’d like to say how relaxing it’s been, but that would not be truthful. Many have said to me how they envy the quiet, the less responsibilities, the ability to sit and be still.

On the surface, it does sound delicious. Like a vacation.

But, can I have a vacation from my vacation?

How can I glorify God in the daily grind of suffering? How can I look beyond these 4 walls and invite Him in? How can I praise Him throughout the long haul of suffering?

I can’t. But Jesus in me can.

Yes, Jesus, do the work because I truly want to glorify Your Father with this suffering. It’s not about me anyway. It’s about Him. Let it be so.


Father, thank You for the privilege to glorify You in my suffering. May I continue to have this as my center in this suffering – to honor and glorify Your name in all things. Strengthen me to give You this desire of my heart. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus. AMEN.

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