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In light of my week – we have covid in the family – I will bring you along on something that I do quite often. Usually done in the middle of the night, because of my many sleepless, painful nights, but now done here in the quite sane hours of the day.

I praise You God because:

A – You are Adonai

B – You brought Good News to all mankind

C – Christ, the Messiah

D – You deserve all honor and glory

E – You are Eternal

F – You are my Father

G – You are so good to me

H – Holy are You O LORD

I - Indescribable, Infinite, Incredible

J – Jesus, always Jesus

K – King of Kings

L – Lord of Lords

M – Majestic

N – You are Near

O – Omnipresent

P – Perfect

R – You are my Redeemer

S – Saviour Thou art

T – Timeless, trustworthy, Truth

U – You are unmatched in all Your goodness

V – Victor over all

W – Worthy of all our worship

X – Xristos, Your Son


Z – You are zealous for me.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. Psalm 150:6


Father God, You are incredible, so kind and loving, and gracious. You do not treat us as our sins deserve. You are awesome, and I stand in awe of who You are. May I never cease my worship of You. AMEN

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