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Our Father in heaven,

Reveal who You are.

Set the world right;

Do what’s best –

As above, so below.

Keep us alive with three square meals.

Keep us forgiven with You and forgiving others.

Keep us safe from ourselves and the devil.

You’re in charge!

You can do anything You want!

You’re ablaze in beauty!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Matthew 6:9-15 MSG

On many occasions I read a passage in another translation so I can get a fresh look at the words. If something becomes too familiar, I tend to read the words but don’t absorb what they say. Not good. Especially with God’s Word which is alive (Hebrews 4:12). When I teach, I like to read the passage in the Message because it causes me (and I am assuming others) to wake up and pay attention to these new words of a beloved passage.

For instance, when I read The Lord’s Prayer this morning, my heart leapt when I saw how it read in The Message, especially the word REVEAL. I need some revelation today of who God is and how His Word is Faithful and True.

I had a rough week. Failing an anesthesia test, fielding questions from multiple directions, making decisions that required dying to self, and managing a new regimen with my feet. Not that I am complaining about dying to self – I should be doing this on a regular basis, but there is a sting at times. Following Jesus is the best and the only path I want to take, but it does require obedience.

Back to REVEAL. I want to make things about me, and God wants me to make things about Him. I talk about wanting Him to reveal Himself to me, but then I flit away and do my own thing. I get so easily distracted. Am I the only one?

In praying through this blog this morning, God did REVEAL something. The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1 NIV). Declare and reveal are similar words. God reveals His majesty, creativity, and awesomeness daily, and all I have to do is look up. I probably should do this more often so I can bask in His revelation.

Or what about when God says:

“You are My dearly loved Son, and You bring Me great joy” (Mark 1:11 NLT)?

When God spoke these words He made a definitive declaration – Jesus is His Son. And not only that, God is well pleased with His Son. In fact, His Son brings Him great joy.

How do I cash in on this revelation? By studying the Son. Looking unto Jesus and seeing what He did before He walked on this earth, the prophecies foretelling His arrival, the time He was here proclaiming the Good News, His journey to the Cross, but just as important, the empty tomb. Did you know that Jesus came to preach and teach? He came to point humanity to the Father, who sent His one and only Son to be the sacrifice required so we could have a right relationship with Him. And now, Jesus sits at the right

hand of the Father, interceding for us.


This news, this revelation, this declaration should give us enough to go on for a long time. Think about the scene – the throne room, God the Father, and His Son sitting at His right hand. Jesus is not pacing, nor is His Father. No one is worried, no one is hurried. When I picture Jesus, I picture a gentle smile and a soft laugh – joyful. And even playful at times. It gives me comfort knowing that my heavenly Father is so loving, kind and enjoying His Son. Knowing He loves to interact with me on this level is so satisfying, especially when I crawl in His lap for a nice chat. I did not have this growing up, so it gives me a glimpse of a good heavenly Father.

In our every day lives, God does REVEAL Himself. By providing our three squares, by giving us heaven to look at, by doing what He does best, by giving us opportunities to experience His forgiveness and the ability to forgive others. He shows Himself in His Word, which is accessible and alive for all of us to consume.

Need a little revelation today? Wanting God to REVEAL Himself to you? Go to His Word. Look up to the heavens. And declare His majesty.


LORD GOD, Father in heaven, thank You for revealing Yourself in so many ways. Please forgive me for not looking, nor thanking You when I do stop to look. You are awesome, majestic, worthy, powerful, beautiful. May I never cease to be amazed at Your revelation. AMEN

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