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Rise up, O LORD, in all Your power.  With music and singing we celebrate

Your mighty acts.  Psalm 21:13


Power.  Acts of power.  Might.  


These words mean much to us as believers.  By God’s power He created the heavens and the earth.  By His power He raised His Son Jesus from the dead.  By His power He forgives our sins.


By His power, He calms the storms.  He calms the storms in our lives.  Yesterday we had a hailstorm.  Only God can make and send hail.  White peas falling from the sky and bouncing on the ground.  The lightening and thunder that accompanied the hail was a beautiful sight to behold and to hear.  So much so, that we all stopped and went to the window to watch God’s display of power.


But, why do we not stop in regular life? God still displays His power, every day and in many ways.  Are we immune to it?  Do we look for it?  Do we allow Him to demonstrate His power?  


God is Sovereign and He does what He wants when He wants it.  For me, I have times when my head is stuck in the ground, not coming up for air, not coming up to see what God is actually doing all around me.


It’s as if I want God to display His power in a mighty way when I think I need it, rather than knowing that God is displaying His power in my everyday life.  Sure, there are times, when my prayers are ones that ask God to demonstrate His power in a given situation and I wait in expectation of that display.  And, He does indeed reveal His power.


But am I negligent in noticing His power or do I take for granted His power, or do I forget His power?  I would say a bit of all three at times.  


We have God’s power available to us by way of the Holy Spirit.  The same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is living in those of us who believe (Romans 8:11).  This Holy Spirit is power.  And He is living inside us.  Why do I not tap into this?  Something to repent of, think about and then proceed with asking.



Father God, I am sorry that I have neglected a very real aspect of You - The Holy Spirit and His power.  He is in me and wants to display Your power to bring You glory.  Forgive me for cutting this off, and I do ask that You would do a work, a display of Your mighty power in my life.  I give You all the glory and honor and to Your Name alone be praise.  AMEN

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