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About 5 years ago I did a word study on the word worship in the Bible. It was an awesome study in more ways than one. It was within the 6-month period of study that I had an encounter with God that forever changed my life. I was practicing what I was learning about worship - bowing down before my God. Psalm 95:6 Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!

When I was getting up from the floor I saw robes of feathers encircling me. I was in awe. It was late at night, but I had to tell my husband. As I made my way to the bedroom, Psalm 91 just resounded through my mind.

We both marveled at this vision and pondered its meaning. About a week later I shared it with my then-prayer partner Linda. She too was amazed, then thought for a moment and spoke one word: FEATHERS. Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

She then went on to explain what she felt God was saying or meaning. Every time I saw feathers in the future it would be a reminder that God has been there or that He is in my midst. The very place has His Presence. Well, from then on I have seen feathers in some very odd places and at some very poignant times. When I most need to be reminded of His Presence with me or His direction in my life I find a feather.

I found one on the very innermost tip of a large head of romaine lettuce one Sunday morning as we were preparing our after church lunch. The very center where it was like a flag waving at me. In the very center of a tightly woven head of lettuce.

Another time I found one plastered onto my leg. After I showered and I was getting ready for church. My husband's response? "You have been in the throne room of God." I had had a pretty neat worship/prayer time with God the night before.

Yet another time I found one on the floor board in my SUV. Just sitting there waiting to remind me of God's tender love for me.

I find them in very odd places around our little farm. Just here and there and so dainty, sweet and tender. There have been the rather large and obvious outer feathers to the very soft and small downy ones.

So why would I share this with you?

Because I believe that God wants us to be reminded that He wants to have fun with us. He wants to laugh with us, be in awe together over some secret joke. Be in pleasant silence together. Have a belly laugh with Him. As I write this, I am reminded of the times I have laughed out loud with Him. Oh, it felt soooooo good. That's what keeps me going. It's what makes me grateful for my relationship with Him. A working, living, vibrant relationship that breathes. It's fluid. I love to have fun with God. The feathers are my secret playfulness with God. When I see one, I am reminded of His Presence in my life. It's like He has passed through and He drops a feather to let me see Him in my life. A tangible way for me to know His Presence. There was a time when I did not see any feathers. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. It probably went on for a few weeks before I realized I was missing something. I asked God about it. I told Him that I missed our little game. Our little special times. Well, He showered me with feathers! I think He withheld because He wanted me to come to Him and acknowledge Him. To seek Him. To seek His face. To stand before Him in all His brilliance. One of my playful times with God happened last year. It was a vision that I had while I was praying. Imagine if you will the throne room of heaven. I was standing to the left of God behind His royal robes - you know the ones mentioned in Isaiah 6 that fill the Temple? Well, I was a little girl and I peeked around those robes and caught a glimpse of my God. He turned to me with such a playful look on His face, one that said, "I see you there, little one. And I love you." Oh the joy that I felt at that moment. It was exhilarating. To feel such love, joy, tenderness and playfulness from my Heavenly Father. That vision kept me going. The joy of the Lord is my Strength (Nehemiah 8:10). Our enemy wants us to be grumpy. Down in the mouth. Focused on ourselves. On our pain. But God wants us to focus on Him. On His face. To seek Him always and forever. And to do it with joy. And He is with us in the process, encouraging us all along the way with playful reminders of His Presence in our lives. I encourage you to look for feathers in your life. And then laugh when you find them in the oddest places. I bet there will be laughter in heaven when you do.

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