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“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that

you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

When you pray, do you believe you will receive an answer? If I am being honest, I generally do. But, I have long-standing prayers that I have been praying for over 35 years. And I do not see an answer. I will not give up on those prayers and will keep praying because of this promise and many more given to us by Christ Himself in Scripture.


Yesterday we had quite a few powerful earthquakes here in Northern California. I was alone, in my room, and alone at the farm. With a jolt, I instantly knew I was in the middle of an earthquake. Having grown up in Southern California, I know the feeling, the eerie jolting and rolling. I began to pray out loud for God’s hand over my loved ones – and we were pretty scattered yesterday. With my honeymooner son and his new wife VERY near the epicenter and my brother and his family even closer, I was calling out for help. Yes, God immediately calmed my racing heart. I knew all was well. I just did. Talk about an instant answer to prayer. It was.

And I believed that God’s answer would come when I prayed.

I have been seeing many answers to prayer lately. My youngest daughter and I were talking about this yesterday. Especially the fact that many of our family’s prayers are being answered right now. Things are opening up, there is activity. Opportunities. Peace in the storm. The wedding. Favor in the work place for my family. Wisdom. And understanding. The answers are numerous.

What we were recounting was about the prayers that we had not uttered, and yet ones that we had desires for. Ones that seemed out there, too out there, and yet desires of our hearts, nonetheless.

"If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him."

Matthew 7:11

In typing this up, I notice that Jesus talks about a couple of things. First, we are evil. Man is NOT basically good. I was taught as a very young believer at a Christian university that man is basically good. No, we are not. Jesus ALWAYS speaks truth. Secondly, Jesus states that our Father in heaven gives good gifts to those who ask Him.


How do I reconcile the good gifts from Him that I did not even ask for? I cannot pretend to know the answer, other than the fact that He is a good Father and knows what we like and need. He knows our desires, dreams and longings. Don’t you know the same about your own children?

Throughout the years you hear your children express an interest in something. Or you see them saving up for a special something. They may not have asked for it, but you know what they desire. Because God is our Father (for those that have acknowledged Him as Lord in their lives, this is true), He knows these same things about us. He’s a good Father. He notices. He pays attention. We don’t have to give Him hints. Drop clues, leave notes. He knows.

Pretty comforting, this.

I had prayed earnestly that I would be able to DO the wedding. I really thought I would be healed by then. I prayed to that end. I believed that I would be able to do whatever needed to be done and I would have the healed feet to do it.

Well, the wedding was two weeks ago and my feet were not healed. However, I was able to DO what I wanted to do. I did have to reevaluate my priorities, as well as give up an area that I was responsible for, but in the end it was the better choice. God did give me an answer - I was present and walking, even dancing.

God always has the best Sovereign plan for His people. He knows what we need and what is best for us. He has the beginning and ending of our story. And He will do that which gives Him the most glory. He works for His glory and our good. Always. Most often, we do not understand the whys and wherefores but, He will direct us and our lives in ways we never thought possible. Even as we look back we can see that it truly was the best way.

I guess this boils down to believing. Do I believe that God is good? Do I believe that He has me in mind? Do I believe that He works all things out for my good? Can I believe that I am not the main character in the story, but rather God is? Do I believe that He hears, gives, and loves me as His child as a good Father does?


Father God, You are a good Father. You love me with an everlasting love. You do answer my prayers. I choose to believe this. Forgive me when I have not believed. Thank You for the many good gifts You have already given me. I will continue to pray, believing. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus. AMEN

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