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Stand still and consider the wonderous works of God. Job 37:14

Standing still is not by best athletic achievement. Nor can it be right now with my feet. Did you know that standing still is the worst thing to do for the feet? I am not sure of the technical reason, I only know this because my Coach warns me about it and has me avoid it at all costs.

During Easter, I sang in the church choir and with practices before, rehearsal the week of and the actual 3 services, my feet took a beating. So much so, that I skipped out on one service because I just didn’t have it in me, nor my feet. In talking with Coach later, he gave me a tip for when I find myself in a sticky standing situation – pump your toes to get circulation going. Yep. There you have it. You can send your payment to my business manager – if only I had one.

My biggest nemesis is at gatherings – all the standing around talking. I am looking around for a spot to sit; a bench, a high chair, a stool, anything. Not always possible and I have paid deep consequences for days.

Job writes in Job 37:14 that we should stand still. Why? To consider the wonderous works of God. Be still. Not something many of us find easy to do, but it is a necessary part of life. Just is (again, a very useful tip).

According to Blue Letter Bible, to consider means to show oneself discerning or attentive, to consider diligently. Ponder anew. Look at with full attention. Let your eyes look straight ahead (Proverbs 4:25). Fix your eyes on the Author and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:1).

Ponder. Meditate. Think about.

What are the wonderous works of God? Creation speaks of His majesty, so this would be a good place to start. Star gazing is rewarding, especially if you are able to see falling stars. Or, backpacking to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the trail. Spending time at the beach is a great activity to see God’s power at work with the motion of the waves coupled with watching all the sea life.

Standing still takes work. It takes time to create the habit to ground ourselves in the moment. When feeling stressed, it is helpful to take a deep breath (which you probably just did) and smell your surroundings. Chocolate chip cookies? Check. Sheep in the pasture? Check. Lunch lingering in the home? Check.

As you move from one sense to another, you are allowing yourself to take in the moment, and the view. You are considering the wonderous works of God.

When I do this, my troubles don’t seem so huge. Oh, they are there, but their bite is missing. When I look up and out either through a window, a face or any other thing besides myself, I can focus on what matters.

God matters. Finding out what pleases Him is paramount (Ephesians 5:10). Loving and serving others matters (Mark 12:29-31 ). When I am still and consider what is before me, I connect with God in such a way to see what He sees. Not in a weird mystical way, but to have my eyes opened to what He places before me.

How many times have I blazed through a room and not noticed someone? Or, the beautiful flower arrangement that one of my daughters brought in from the garden? When I take the time to be still, consider and ponder, I notice the wonderous works of God.

More importantly I notice God Himself.


Oh, God, when I stop and consider Your wonderous works, I see You. You are beautiful. You are amazing, creative, wonderful. I am awestruck by You. Thank You for this reminder to stand still and take in all that is before me. AMEN

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