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Then she knelt behind him at his feet, weeping.   Her tears fell on his feet, then she wiped them off with her hair.  Then she kept kissing his feet and putting perfume on them.  Luke 7:38  (NLT)


Do you have laser focus?  Are you able to shut out all around and continue to focus on the task at hand?  Or, do you get distracted by the sights and sounds?


On this road marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1), it is not marked out in a desert, an isolated part of the country or off on an island.  It is down the center of town, the road passes through the four corner-stop and is visible to and traveled by, all.


Yes, this is our road.  And what is on the side of the road?  Distractions by way of stores selling your favorite snack, lunch, what-have-you, new pop up stores with the latest and greatest, flower stands, bakeries, bookstores, parks, and more.  Not to mention the people you see while out and the new baby being pushed by her parents out on a walk for the first time.


Most of the distractions are benign, good things and not harmful to our hearts.  Notice, I said most.  Not all are benign, not all are honoring to God, not all are good for our heart-walks with God.


The enemy will try his hardest to be the loudest, shiniest, prettiest thing out there to grab our attention.  And if he doesn’t get the attention he wants, he resorts to other tactics.  Shame, being one of them.

Right away in our story found in Luke 7:36-50, Luke points out this woman with the perfume is a sinful woman.  We know nothing of her character except what we read right off.  Luke describes her as immoral, and from the city they were in.  Instantly we size her up and make a choice – to keep reading to see what she is up to, or walk away because we deem her not worthy our ‘our’ attention.


What makes this story different is what she brings with her into the room and what she does.  The enemy continues with his descriptions of her, but Luke focuses on her focus – Jesus.  She only had eyes for Jesus, and she was going to demonstrate her love for Him in a tangible way. 

Imagine the shock waves in the room, the horror of the Pharisees, and even the disciples. A woman in their midst, a sinner at that.


The owner of the home, a Pharisee, had a private conversation with himself thinking no one heard his thoughts.  But he was mistaken as Jesus addressed the unspoken:  


Then Jesus answered his thoughts, “Simon,” he said to the Pharisee, “I have something to say to you.”  Luke 7:40


He thought he was hiding behind his thoughts, but Jesus knows the hearts of man.  He knows our thoughts and He addresses them.  We want to smirk and sneer, run and ride, or think we can. But we cannot.

Meanwhile, the woman cannot stop weeping and wiping, and worshiping.  She is focused no matter the confusion happening all around. 


Jesus then told a short story.  And points out the sin not in her life, but in the Pharisee’s life – he was not a hospitable host.  While she did nothing but love and serve Jesus, the owner of the home did not give the type of care that culture dictated for guests.  This Pharisee neglected the King of Kings.

How does Jesus wrap up this scene?  He commends the woman, but more than that – He points out her faith has saved her.  Nothing is mentioned about the Pharisee being saved, but all is said for her.  Jesus also commends her to go in peace.  He tells her also her sins are forgiven.  No one else in this room has spoken to her – those who condemned her, questioned her and shamed her, it was all done in their hearts and thoughts. 


However, Jesus focuses on her.  She was seen by Him (and remember she was behind Him while she was ministering to Him).  The Pharisee was front and center, as most Pharisees were, and in which Jesus addressed over and anon while He was on earth.  They commanded and demanded attention.  This woman came in the house with her alabaster jar and began her private worship service.


We can take a lesson from this.  Am I up front with my pomp and circumstance?  Or am I on the ground behind Jesus quietly pouring out myself and wiping His feet with my hair?  Am I giving Him everything of myself regardless of the temperature of the room?  Regardless of what people are saying of me?  Will I keep my focus on the main thing?


What is the main thing? 


Jesus.  He is always the main thing.



Father God, thank You for including these types of stories in the Bible because I see myself on both sides of the coin – all pride, and then an attempt at humble service.  May my pride lessen and my worship of You take center stage.  May I crowd out the noise of naysayers and have my ears attuned to You, only.  With my alabaster jar, I come.  I bow at Your feet and I pour myself out as an offering.  Take me, I am Yours.

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