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But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk

and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 NIV

When I was in high school, there were 3 Fisher boys (men actually) who went to our smallish church and were very adventuresome. Did I emphasize very? Yes, they were. I learned to rock climb and repel with them. We hiked, rode our bikes on HWY 1 from Orange County to Santa Barbara, or south down to Dana Point and beyond. There was always something going on with one of the boys.

One of them, Greg, was a pilot. He owned a Cessna and I would go up with him on occasion. I come from a long line of pilots so was not terrified of that small hunk of metal transporting me in the air. On one of our trips, Greg asked if I wanted to fly – of course I said yes. And then he stepped it up even further – did I want to land the plane? Seeing how I was about 17, did not have a pilot’s license and had not much wisdom beyond my years, I did not hesitate with my answer. Sure, I’d love to land our plane. I know, it was foolish. But remembering that he was sitting right next to me in the very tight cockpit should offer some assurance that we were not complete lawbreakers. I took over the controls and he gave commands.

We landed safely at the Fullerton Municipal Airport in one piece and with no damage sustained to the plane.


On another flying expedition, I had to make my way out of the country I was living in. I needed to fly to Honduras from Guatemala for my visa. John was good for his as he had gone to El Salvador on a special trip, so I went solo. I and a whole bunch of strangers. What none of us knew was the undisclosed landing in El Salvador on our way to Honduras. We knew it was too short of a flight to be at our destination, and upon inspection saw San Salvador on the very small building that comprised the airport. No one was allowed off and a few got on. Very alarming considering the recent guerilla warfare going on in El Salvador at the time. In all, this pit stop took less than 5 minutes and we returned to flying the friendly skies. At least they were friendly at the time.

God created flight. He engineered the mechanics, He designed the wings of birds to be in the air, soaring high above. Watching God’s creation in the skies is a marvelous thing – soaring eagles, dashing swallows, flitting hummingbirds, the awkward flight of wild turkeys, the V-shaped flock of geese flying overhead to the distinct sound of sandhill cranes making their way home for the night on the marshy fields nearby.

Why did God equate us, humanity, with eagles? These elegant birds that soar without a sound? They are seemingly above the cares of the world. Is that why? They do not get bogged down with life here, rather they fly above the winds, in the open and in perfect peace. Maybe it is a picture of what He wants us to see when we think of an eagle – peaceful soaring above circumstances.

We can be IN a situation, or we can be ABOVE a situation, but still be quite involved. How so? Perspective. Suffering can be our daily lot. But, where our hearts are there shall our minds could be. I can be suffering in pain, but if my mind is Staid Upon Jehovah then I will be above the pain because I am thinking about Jesus and not my screaming feet. I can be lifted up as I lift Him up. I can forget that while my feet are weighed down with agony, my heart can be soaring high above.

In actuality, this is what matters most. Where my heart is. I am to love the LORD with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength and with all my mind. And to love my neighbor as myself (Mark 12:30-31 ). When I have this priority straight then I am truly soaring above my circumstances. I am NOT bogged down with leaden feet. I am running; not getting weary. I am walking; not growing faint.

Running. Walking. These two action words are not part of my daily routine right now. For me to walk 25 feet in one motion is miraculous. Oh, I may be able to go the distance, but my feet are not accustomed to this demand, so yell back at me. As an aside, have you ever been yelled at by your feet? I cannot type the words they say, as it’s not very polite. Or godly. Let’s just say they speak their mind.

I was told yesterday that I am in the darkest time of my recovery and healing process. What??? Wait. I thought I was past that and onto greener pastures. You know, the soaring stuff. I guess it’s not over. It’s the dark before the light of the storm. It’s darkest before dawn. Really. This is me?

I guess this is why God reminded me of the eagle. I CAN soar. I need to soar even now. I have to soar in my heart with praise for the Almighty. I have to bow down and worship and pour out my sacrifice of praise. Every day. That I can do. And will. What about you?


LORD God, You are worthy and You are good. You are Sovereign and know my circumstances. That does not negate my need and desire to worship You. I can soar above the circumstances. I can praise You in them too. Because You are here with me and it is good for me to near You. AMEN

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